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August 19, 2013
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)

((Translations for the german in the description!))

Schrodinger carried you off bridal-style, to his room. He never broke off the passionate kiss, but he did pull back a few times for you two to breath.

Once you entered his room he put you down on his bed. He climbed on top of you nuzzling in between your breasts. He wasn't very estatic though, since clothes seperated you two. He removed his face and went straight to your neck. He left love bites all over your neck. You covered your mouth with one hand so you wouldn't let out a moan.

Noticing your hand was in the way he leaned down and whispered in your ear. "They can't hear you, this is a sound-proof room."

He nibbled on your earlobe, you let out a soft moan. Encouraged by the moan he went back to your neck nipping at your soft spot. He bit your soft spot leaving blood, he licked up all the blood only to suck at it again leaving a purpilish bruise.

He took off his uniform shirt, while you took off yours. He eyed your lacy bra taking the sight in before unclasping it and throwing it somewhere in the room. He nuzzled into your breasts once more, letting out a purr.

You stroked his chest, he mewled sitting up to undo his pants which he quickly threw to the side. You went ahead to slide your fingers at the side of his pants, teasingly. He pushed your hand further urging you to take it off for him, which you did along with his boxers.

He slid off your matching lacy panties only to sit up and gaze at your body.

"Du bist sexy." He whispered.

"Really?" You asked.

"Ja." He assured you, before grinding his hips against yours.

You moaned, taking this as a signal he thrust a finger inside of you. Pain washed through you, only to disolve into pleasure.

He then takes his finger out, licking the liquid off. The neko boy licks his lips, leaning in to whisper against your ear. "Bist du bereit?"

"Bereit." You murmured.

He grins against your ear, caressing your inner thigh. You felt something rubbing against your core, it slid in pain shooting through your body. You clenched the bed sheets, while Schrodinger whispered dirty things into your ear.

You let out a moan once the pleasure kicked in. He smirked thrusting into you faster. He showed all his lust for you through hard thrusts. You both felt near your climax, while he bucked into you.

"Oh mein Gott! ____! ____!" He moaned.

"Ah! Schrodinger!' You arched your back, driven wild by his passion.

The room was filled up with moans, and the sound of your names ringing through the air.
Finally, through one last hard thrust you both reached your climax. You threw your head back in ectasy. He puled out, making you two give off one last moan.

Once he was finished he collapsed next to you, he snuggled next to your breasts purposely. You snuggled closer to him, entwining your fingers through his hair.

"Ich liebe dich." He smirked kissing you one last time, before returning to his position next to your cleavage.

"Ich liebe dich auch, my perverted little boyfriend."
The first part:…


Du bist sexy= Your so sexy
Ja= Yes
Bist du bereit?= Are you ready?
Bereit= Ready
Mein Gott= My god
Ich liebe dich= I love you
Ich liebe dich auch= I love you too

I do not own you
I do not own Hellsing
I do not own Schrodinger
You belong to :iconschrodingerplz:

Hope you enjoyed! I personally didn't like it, I feel as if I was to much in a rush to give it a good ending. Though I finished writing it in a day.
Due to research, and trying not to make him seem OOC. (('Out of character'))

The things I do for you guys :iconsawakoblushplz: I had to read a yaoi Schrodinger x Hans Lemon to see what he would do in this situation ((There was no Schrodinger x Reader Lemon for gawd sakes! ;A; )) ... and no I don't like yaoi so I forced myself to do it.
Also I tried to get some ideas off of Germany x Reader Lemons....

I feel embarressed that I even uploaded this :iconshotablushplz:
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